Stories about people’s experiences with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Testimonies Work

“Stand Firm”

A couple years into building our small business, I hit a big challenge. My only supplier shook their head and said there was nothing more they could do to help with certain production concerns. It was critical to production that this problem be solved or we were done. I left the meeting in disbelief and […]


I Love How Christ BROKE Me!

Nearing 15 years in ministry I was working on my doctorate degree when God asked me, “Do you love ME?’ I had poured my life into our ministry, serving people and studying at a world-renowned seminary. I was a bit stunned, and replied, “OF COURSE!” Then He asked me a simple question that shook my […]


Wretched Man…

He was a wretched man, his life had much ‘baggage’ and he lived a depressed life. In his twenties he had an illegitimate daughter whom he completely abandoned. His own siblings did not want to share life with him, no one wanted to be around him. He married a Christian woman and had another daughter, […]


Mary’s Searching Testimony

Throughout most of my early life I was a pretty consistent at attending Church. My husband and I saw to it that our children were baptized as babies and received the Sacrament of Confirmation as teenagers. Yet, I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus nor recognize God at work in my life. I […]


A Refugee Saved by Grace

We escaped war in Liberia but Mother died in Boston, she had kidney failure and was on dialysis for 14 years of miracles that strengthened my faith. My father is Rev. Mahn C. Krua, 89, who re-married two years ago, because at 89, he is just a young man-he has everlasting life! Further, “No one […]