Carl and Sandy Forsythe

Sandy’s new book, 3 Messages From God, Read in an Hour – Remember for a Lifetime engages the reader in new ways to live in awe of God, live pleasing God and to live protected by God.

She is committed to sharing these 3 messages that God gave her, as they are not for her alone, she was a reluctant first-time author until God pinned her down so she could write. Now the impact the book is having on readers has made her a true believer in Trusting God’s plan not her own.  Each morning for over a year, Sandy would have to pen these words on the top of her to-do list, in an act of trying to believe them:  ‘TRUST God, made me a writer, entrusted with a message, to encourage others.’

Married in 1980, Sandy and Carl spent the first ten years together focused on raising children and running after careers. The Holy Spirit was generous in letting them both come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ within about six months of each other.  The blessing of experiencing ‘life before Christ’ and now ‘life with Christ’ is that they can see the emptiness of what they had missed, and it gave them a heart tender to others who are also unknowingly searching.  They realize most people just don’t know what they are missing. 

Life has been an a great love story as they have been married 41 years, raised 3 adventure seeking, entrepreneurial kids, and have moved more than 30 times. Sandy loves it- Carl hates it. They are forever training their English Lab Brinkley as they split their time between Dallas TX and Breckenridge CO. As often as they can they take weekend bike rides, hike the local trails, or gather friends around their table.

With a shared a passion to live their lives in a way that helps pre-believers see and know the active love of Christ. 

“You are my witnesses,” declares the LORD, “and my servants whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he.”   Isaiah 43:10a  

3 Messages From God, Read in an Hour Remember for a Lifetime, is just one way they are trusting God’s plan to be his witnesses.

Carl & Sandy Forsythe


Our mission at is to simply share God with other people. We do this in three ways: First, we share God by sharing his powerful Word. We give Scripture cards to both individuals and to Churches across the world. 

The Second part of our mission shares God by sharing stories of his intervention in our lives. The stories we gather, and post are from real people, in real time and they give real hope to our hurting world.

And the third way we share God is to share Sandy’s personal quiet time notes and the one take away she discerns God giving her for the day.  We know life is chaotic and rushed for most people, so while we have time, we want to share with you what we hear God sharing with us.

Our mission is to simply share God.


Our vison for ShareGodWithUs is that people across the world will fall in love with God as they read Scripture, hear his stories, and reflect on what he shares with us each day. Our prayer is that they love him as much as he loves them.


One of our greatest values at ShareGodWithUs is respecting your time. We know time is a gift from God, and we want to protect yours by sharing ours with you.

We put this value into action by making the Scripture cards we give to be small yet beautiful, so you have something at your fingertips to share. We edit the stories about God so they can be read quickly but remembered for a long time.  And while it takes hours in the morning to develop the quiet time notes, we want the post to be read it in about thirty seconds that will give you something meaningful form God for the hard moments of your day.

We value your time, by sharing our time with you.

Free Scripture Cards

The Scripture Cards are our free gift to you, we give them in hopes that Christ blesses you and those you share them with.

There are 12 Scripture cards in each set, they are rubber banded together, printed in color front and back.

In the past 12 years we have shipped all over the USA, Europe, Africa and Russia.  We hope to expand to your part of the globe.

May God let your witness reach far and wide,


Jesus Confidential - A Devotional Meeting with God

Jesus Confidential is simply the sharing of a year of my personal time with God. Each morning, He was faithful to answer my questions, guide me, and encourage me to walk beside Him. What you hold in your hands is the offering of my heart desiring to share what God has shared with me. Each daily devotion is discerned from the Scriptures and the writings of wise theologians and teachers. I distill these to just a few lines, the best of the best, so you may receive a concentrated blessing from the notes in each day. We live our lives at lightning speed, so I share my time with you as much as I share my heart. I promise that if you spend time with God and listen, He will share Himself with you too.

May His favor rest upon you,

Sandy Forsythe

Devotional Meeting with God- Jesus Confidential
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