Sandy’s quite time is enriched by several devotionals. The postings here are her thoughts and prayers, a “putting it all together’ part of her day. May it bless you too.

Quite Time Thoughts....

Flow Forward

Our 1 Minute Takeaway: 090819 • Only by giving of yourself will you gain unbound Happiness. Focus on your source & flow forward… My notes: (I begin today- needing to be here….‘Lord, here is my empty heart …’) – As my Shepherd, defend me from myself (Valley of Vision) – The remedy for distress is […]

Quite Time Thoughts....

Salvation = Peace

Our 1 Minute Takeaway: 082819 • Salvation = Peace My notes: – God’s time is not like our time (Sheila Walsh) – Help me to be attentive to my character and to be concerned about other’s salvation – ‘Let not those in my family who are amiable, moral, attractive, fall short of heaven at last.’ […]

Quite Time Thoughts....

Conquer Self

Our 1 Minute Takeaway: 081319 • Conquer Self   My notes: – Prayer is the place burdens change shoulders. (L. Bishop) – Live as His child, exercise sonship by conquering self (Valley of Vision) – Peace not leisure is promised – Face your responsibility, live to serve – Review your character, a fault can be […]