Stories of God providing in miraculous ways for our needs.


Lost Listing 

It was the week before the 4th of July holiday weekend and my guest list was expanding. I realized much too late that I’d need a second house to accommodate all our company. I went to the VRBO website I had used so often before but found that everything was booked! As I looked around […]


Rubber Band Gift     

  Months ago, while visiting a friend in another state, I bought a fancy little rubber band with some metal embellishments on it.  I wear this little rubber band all the time and it’s getting to be a bit loose.  So I thought perhaps I could get a second one while I was visiting my […]

Divine Appointments Provision

Puppy Love   

A few years ago, our 15-year-old dog died and left an odd emptiness in our home.  After a few months, I began the online search and happily scheduled our new puppy’s transport from TX to New England. She was delightful! But as our Fall schedule developed we were traveling a lot!  Unexpectedly our puppy was […]


Mouse House Fabrics

My boyfriend worked in the lumber business and was a widower for quite some time before we married. In all those years, he never cleaned out the house his first wife had lived in. She was a hoarder and the task was daunting. A few years before we married I had to have back surgery, […]


National Geographic Dump Gift

This morning I was in the doctor’s office for an appointment to schedule surgery. While I waited, I paged through the National Geographic that was in the magazine rack. I so enjoyed it, had had the magazine when the kids were small but haven’t gotten it in decades. I thought to myself, “I should order […]


100 x Given!

In 1996, I felt led to go on a trip with other believers into China to take in Bibles. I didn’t have a lot of money but knew that God honors cheerful givers so I “tithed” the cost of the trip to the ministry with whom I would travel. Just prior to the deadline for […]


Joy vs. Happiness

Years ago our good friends’ infant son died and left a gaping hole in their hearts. And as God would have it, within a few months the baby’s grandmother died too. It was loss on loss, yet God gave my friend His Joy, it was incomprehensible. After a few months, my friend asked her husband, […]


Trusting the Tent to God

My friend and I were born-again Christians, and we were on fire for Christ. We prayed for a way to grow our faith and remembered that our Christian college had sponsored a group of runners the summer before to run across the country and share the Gospel from the Pacific to the Atlantic. We loved […]


Rock Moving God

I needed a huge rock moved, it was so imbedded and large I needed to hire it done. I didn’t want to add to our debt so I kept waiting, needing it moved so I could finish my work on the yard. Then one early Saturday morning I saw the neighbor getting a palette of […]