Stories of God providing in miraculous ways for our needs.


When God calls you to Give

When you feel that nudge inside you to give, jump out in faith and DO IT! You may never hear about the impact of your gift (no matter its size), but there are some instances where God gives you a glimpse of how He used your obedience with that nudge from the Holy Spirit. I […]


Lost Listing 

It was the week before the 4th of July holiday weekend and my guest list was expanding. I realized much too late that I’d need a second house to accommodate all our company. I went to the VRBO website I had used so often before but found that everything was booked! As I looked around […]


Rubber Band Gift     

  Months ago, while visiting a friend in another state, I bought a fancy little rubber band with some metal embellishments on it.  I wear this little rubber band all the time and it’s getting to be a bit loose.  So I thought perhaps I could get a second one while I was visiting my […]

Divine Appointments Provision

Puppy Love   

A few years ago, our 15-year-old dog died and left an odd emptiness in our home.  After a few months, I began the online search and happily scheduled our new puppy’s transport from TX to New England. She was delightful! But as our Fall schedule developed we were traveling a lot!  Unexpectedly our puppy was […]


Mouse House Fabrics

My boyfriend worked in the lumber business and was a widower for quite some time before we married. In all those years, he never cleaned out the house his first wife had lived in. She was a hoarder and the task was daunting. A few years before we married I had to have back surgery, […]


National Geographic Dump Gift

This morning I was in the doctor’s office for an appointment to schedule surgery. While I waited, I paged through the National Geographic that was in the magazine rack. I so enjoyed it, had had the magazine when the kids were small but haven’t gotten it in decades. I thought to myself, “I should order […]


100 x Given!

In 1996, I felt led to go on a trip with other believers into China to take in Bibles. I didn’t have a lot of money but knew that God honors cheerful givers so I “tithed” the cost of the trip to the ministry with whom I would travel. Just prior to the deadline for […]


Joy vs. Happiness

Years ago our good friends’ infant son died and left a gaping hole in their hearts. And as God would have it, within a few months the baby’s grandmother died too. It was loss on loss, yet God gave my friend His Joy, it was incomprehensible. After a few months, my friend asked her husband, […]


Trusting the Tent to God

My friend and I were born-again Christians, and we were on fire for Christ. We prayed for a way to grow our faith and remembered that our Christian college had sponsored a group of runners the summer before to run across the country and share the Gospel from the Pacific to the Atlantic. We loved […]