Cross Country Art Class for Mom

Every few years I take my mom (and daughter when she can get away) on an art class adventure. One year we took a class on hooked rugs in Door County, one year we made glass plates. It really doesn’t matter what the ‘class’ is, we just want to do something fun together and as we all live cross country from each other and this has been a fun way to meet and enjoy the time.

I was on line for over 2 hours looking for a class anywhere from Minnesota, to Wisconsin, to South Carolina, to the area around Boston. Lots of things looked interesting but the cost was getting way out of control.

That’s when the phone rang, and my sister who lives near Portland Maine called and asked if I’d come up in November to ‘visit’ with mom a few days. She needed to ask mom to do a week of ‘childcare’ for her 17 year old son while she and her husband are out of town. She was concerned that mom would be lonely, just waiting for him to get home from school.

It was so perfect, Mom would be in my area of the county, I could drive up and save flight costs, AND I found a silversmith class in about ten minutes of online searching that will fit our schedule perfectly!
Mom will get to help my sister, I’ll get to seem my mom, and the blessing it’s all going to be more affordable than most of the trips we take as we can both stay at my sister’s home!
Oh God is so into the fun little – nonsense details of our families! I just had to share!

Sandy – Cohasset MA – 2015

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