Rubber Band Gift     


Months ago, while visiting a friend in another state, I bought a fancy little rubber band with some metal embellishments on it.  I wear this little rubber band all the time and it’s getting to be a bit loose.  So I thought perhaps I could get a second one while I was visiting my friend again this weekend. I didn’t mention to it anyone, it was such an insignificant thing.  However, traffic was heavy, and we didn’t have time to even look for the shop where I found the first one.  I wasn’t concerned as it’s just a rubber band… nothing to even think about.  We met our friends on time, enjoyed the evening together and drove home the next day.

Later that afternoon, while taking our dog of a walk in the woodland trails near our home, my husband spotted a little jeweled rubber band on the footpath!  It is the same brand as the one I have, but this one is even prettier! How fun that God would supply my silly little heart wish to have a new rubber band for my hair.  I was flabbergasted!  When I didn’t find one – he simply supplied it! I just love how even the tiniest little thing, God our Father delights to give us!  What an awesome Abba, he knows our hearts.

As a couple, my husband and I do have some pretty pressing things going on in our lives right now, but this sweet rubber band gives me great calm. God has it all under his control.  He will supply both our needs and our hearts desires. He will help us with all things – great or small.

Sandy – Cohasset MA – Aug 20, 2018

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