Semester’s End – New Friendship

One year ago our family moved from Ohio to Maine. My son has some communication struggles, so making friends has always been a monumental challenge, and a heartache as he truly is alone most of the time. I work hard to keep his life full, but as the school year was coming to an end, I was beside myself with grief for his loneliness. He was getting very depressed, and so was I.

One day, during the last week of school, I took a solitary walk and started begging God for a friend for him. When I knew I was alone my emotions burst and I sobbed. “Just one simple friend didn’t seem too hard for You God!” I knew HE could do that! “Just ONE friend” and “Really, we need it NOW! Things were getting pretty dark at our house!”

As I walked on, I softened, and apologized to my creator. “Really God, I’m sorry, but could we please have a friend – soon would be good, soon would be OK – it doesn’t have to be immediately, please, just one friend.” By the time I got back to our house, I had pulled myself together, and we got through that night’s’ homework.

The next day, (Seriously – the very next day) my son was so happy when I picked him up after school! A boy that had been in one of his classes all semester, asked him to join with a couple of other boys to go to the local island for the entire Memorial Day Weekend! God is so amazing!! I nearly cried with joy and astonishment right in front of my son! (But I held it together and Rejoiced with songs of Praise to God in my heart!) OH Joy, a real invitation to be part of a group! It was the beginning of a God sent friendship!
All Praise to our Father who hears and answers!

Linda – Maine – June 2015

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