A Refugee Saved by Grace

We escaped war in Liberia but Mother died in Boston, she had kidney failure and was on dialysis for 14 years of miracles that strengthened my faith. My father is Rev. Mahn C. Krua, 89, who re-married two years ago, because at 89, he is just a young man-he has everlasting life! Further, “No one is too old to fall in love.” Rev. Krua said.

I came to the USA as a refugee and God called me into ministry to bring the message of HIS love to the remotest places worldwide – through refugees who come to America seeking freedom.
I established a ministry in Boston to assist refugees to make transition to life in America & also introduce refugees to Jesus, the Prince of Peace. I’ve lived and served in Boston for 22 years. While my work has gained recognition from members of Congress and awards from the Peace Corps, National Lawyers Guild, the cities of Boston and Baltimore, among others, it’s unknown in church circles because USA churches mainly focus overseas. As an African Missionary to America, I lack the network of a church support base.

Unmarried and fueled by unlimited miracles, God worked though my mother’s illness plus the amazing story of how God helped me to talk my way out of an execution during the war in Liberia, I considered each day very precious, undeserved (250,000 innocent people were killed in Liberia) and a bonus because I literally KNOW I should have been dead 22 years ago and I am only alive today but by the Grace of God. I worked around the clock and didn’t care about getting a paying job. I didn’t care about getting money because Jesus, when he sent his disciples to make disciples said “TAKE NO MONEY” (USA is a different story) Luke 9: 1-5 and Luke 10:1-15. Yes, God supplied my needs in 22 years? Oh yes he did! But, slowly on daily basics & moment by moment!

I got married 2009 and had a son and everything changed! I now need to think about food for three, housing for three. As my life and ministry changed, I was promoted from serving refugees to becoming a resource person. I model leadership and help equip refugees (who have passed from death onto to life both literally and spiritually) to take their eyes off the comfort of life in USA and set their eyes on investing their lives to bring the gospel, the hope and love of God to their people-(people who tried to kill them)- before fleeing to the safety, albeit temporary safety of USA.

Rev. Torli Krua – Boston MA – 2013

PS: Toril requested that we post his full name, most often on our site we do not. But Torli wanted to give readers the opportunity to contact him should they have encouragement to offer him.

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