When God calls you to Give

When you feel that nudge inside you to give, jump out in faith and DO IT! You may never hear about the impact of your gift (no matter its size), but there are some instances where God gives you a glimpse of how He used your obedience with that nudge from the Holy Spirit. I […]

Quite Time Thoughts....

A nations future is only as certain as the devotion of its defenders.’ (Ronald Regan) Thank You Veterans! Your service blesses all of us! Today’s QT takeaway:111119 • Obedience has great cost and greater reward My notes: – Oft times spiritual comforts are at their highest when physical well-being is at its lowest (Valley of […]

Quite Time Thoughts....

Prayer Unsticks us From Earth

Today’s QT takeaway: 102919 • Prayer Unsticks us From Earth My notes: – God customizes our thorns…he is more interested in our character than our comfort  (Church Devo. Ouch! seems harsh to me too…) – God has boundless compassion in not sparing His Son (Valley of Vision) – In prayer I enter the eternal world […]

Quite Time Thoughts....

Worship is Key to Life

3 days of Quiet Time today: 101719 • Worship is Key to Life My notes: – Praise unlocks the box we imprison God in (God Calling) ‘Yet to all who receive him, … he gave the right to be children of God.’ John 1:12 – John the Baptist baptized with water, that Israel may know […]