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Please contact Sandy with requests for Scripture Cards or to ask about speaking engagements for her book 3 Messages From God, Read in an Hour – Remember for a Lifetime.  The book makes an excellent short Bible Study, or a two day retreat study. If you’d like her to introduce the study to your team please just let her know.

The Scripture Cards are our gift to you, shipped free of charge, in hopes that Christ blesses you and those you share them with. PLEASE include your contact information when you email, and how many sets you’d like us to send, you’d be surprised how many folks forget this key information.  There are 12 Scripture cards, printed in color front and back.  In the past 12 years we have shipped all over the USA, Europe, Africa and Russia.  We hope to expand to your part of the globe.

Thank you so much, may the Peace of Christ hold you close,