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Free Scripture Cards

The Scripture Cards are our free gift to you, we give them in hopes that Christ blesses you and those you share them with.

There are 12 Scripture cards in each set, they are rubber banded together, printed in color front and back.

In the past 12 years we have shipped all over the USA, Europe, Africa and Russia.  We hope to expand to your part of the globe.

May God let your witness reach far and wide,



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The stories we share are real life interactions with God, from real people, in real time. Unlike our beloved Bible stories – these stories share what God is doing today and they offer hope and encouragement in a few paragraphs!

Once you start to read other peoples stories, you may realize you have a story about God acting in your life too!  We encourage you to share it – as briefly as you can – as we want to read it  — but remember we only have a minute.  If you need help, feel free to email Sandy at

Sharing God’s love one story at a time

The collecting of stories started one day while I was doing my morning quiet time. It was a day of deep peace when God shocked me into a conversation with him! I had been meditating on the Scripture that had pierced my heart for years. “You are my witnesses,” declares the LORD, “and my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am He” Isa 43:10

The words became real as He gave me the assignment to collect 70 stories that are about HIM! I was sitting down but bolted up straight. Our conversation was not audible but was deeply heard. My first instinct was, ‘I can’t do that, I’m not a writer… I was sure he had the wrong person. Of course, he heard that thought and a bit abruptly replied –“Okay then, get 700.”


That was the beginning of Share God With Us in 2013. I knew this was not just ‘head talk’ when the first story He gave me was from a stranger I was sitting next to in the Phoenix airport. It is so unbelievable that only God could write it! It is titled, ‘Angel in the ICU’. I suggest you start there.

I never would have chosen to collect his stories, but it has been life altering as it is teaching me to trust him unconditionally. May his stories give you hope too.

The giving of Scripture cards had a unique start in 2008; it began as I closed a design business called Salty Bags.  My bags were unique in that each zipper pull had one of seven Scriptures printed on it. The women loved the bags as they could have God’s Word at their fingertips, and I let them choose which verse they wanted for their zipper.  In one of the interior pockets, I put a Tract explaining what Christ did for us and how to be Born Again.

After we closed Salty Bags, I felt compelled to do something else to share God’s goodness, so I soothed my soul by deciding to simply print the Scriptures cards and give them away. It was not as creative as God’s Word on your zipper pull, but God showed me it was more what he wanted me to do.

The Scriptures on the cards are ones he gave me after weeks of prayer, they were not my personal favorites at the time, although they have grown to be. Each set of cards has 24 Scriptures and a card sharing how to receive Jesus, and how to follow him.

Since 2008 when we began to give the Scripture cards, we have given more than 70,000 sets; sent to individuals, Churches, and mission organizations across the United States of America and around the globe. (France, Ghana, Ireland, Russia, and Uganda).  God promises his Word does not return void; so, on the other side of eternity I believe it will be a joy to see how far this little mission of sharing has gone. I pray it changes lives now, so people can come to know his incredible love.

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