Stories about God arranged meetings for people, without their prior knowledge that they were meant to meet.

Divine Appointments

Garage Sale Gift  

    I’d been cleaning out our cabinets all winter, but I hadn’t planned on doing the garage sale till mid-summer.  Truly spur of the moment, on Thursday afternoon, it struck me – I should do it tomorrow! So, like rapid fire – I swept out the garage, set up some saw horses, laid a […]

Divine Appointments Provision

Puppy Love   

A few years ago, our 15-year-old dog died and left an odd emptiness in our home.  After a few months, I began the online search and happily scheduled our new puppy’s transport from TX to New England. She was delightful! But as our Fall schedule developed we were traveling a lot!  Unexpectedly our puppy was […]

Divine Appointments

Phone Trouble Leads to God

This morning I felt compelled to contact the phone company even though it was not even on my lengthy to-do list. I’ve been dealing with our phone service for more than a month. Lines were working one day and dead the next. And I’d also been working with pricing. Our ministry really needs to get […]