Bracelet for a Friend 

Several years ago, I had bracelets custom made with our family blessing engraved onto them It is the same blessing Moses gave to Israel in Numbers 6:24-26.  My husband and I would pray this blessing over our kids each day and trust them to God’s care as we sent them off to school, or to a sporting event, or whenever we’d have to say goodbye to them.

My bracelet was getting pretty worn, so I put on a new one as I had a few extra.  It just so happened that that next day we were attending a funeral of a good friend’s husband.  At the interment the last words of the minister were the blessing of Moses.  Suddenly, I realized my friend would love the engraved bracelet, and I was blessed to give her this new bracelet as we walked to the car.  How kind God is, to have put a new bracelet on my arm the day before, so I’d be ready with his gift to her the very next afternoon.

With love for a dear friend….

Sandy – CT – April 2018

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