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I’d been cleaning out our cabinets all winter, but I hadn’t planned on doing the garage sale till mid-summer.  Truly spur of the moment, on Thursday afternoon, it struck me – I should do it tomorrow!

So, like rapid fire – I swept out the garage, set up some saw horses, laid a few 2x4s down on top of them as an improvised table and proceeded to unpack my, Too Good to Toss things.  Early the next morning I made 8 signs and posted them around our community.  By 8:30am people were ‘shopping’.  It was a fun day meeting everyone, and basically giving them treasures; my whole goal was to just clean house a bit.  But, I also gave the shoppers sets of the Scripture cards that I make for my ministry. (ShareGodWithUs.)

I was just about to close the sale, when a gal came to see if I was still open.  We chatted a bit and I gave her a set of the Scripture Cards.  She got choked up and could hardly talk. She managed to say, ‘Thank you so much! You have no idea what this means to me…. I got to go. …. Thank you so much.’   And she left.  Both of us so greatful for the moment God touched us in the garage.

Later that night I realized the whole time I’d been gathering things from around the house, all of it was for this one encounter in the garage – with this young shopper who needed to hear from God personally.  I praise Him that He let me be part of His plan.

Sandy – May 4th 2018 – Cohasset MA

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