Wretched Man…

He was a wretched man, his life had much ‘baggage’ and he lived a depressed life. In his twenties he had an illegitimate daughter whom he completely abandoned. His own siblings did not want to share life with him, no one wanted to be around him. He married a Christian woman and had another daughter, he persisted to be cruel and demanding.

Yet God had His hand on this man. In His goodness God allowed first one sister then a brother come to saving faith in Jesus Christ! The man openly mocked and belittled them for their faith. His wife and siblings were all praying for his heart to open. One Christmas the wife persisted in asking him to “Come to Church tonight”. Belligerent he swore he would go but that would be the LAST time he would set foot in the Church!

The Holy Spirit answered the family’s prayers during that Christmas Eve service as the man understood God’s powerful love for him, he saw his sin and his need for a Savior! He wept, and asked for forgiveness as he gave his life Jesus.

Slowly he became a new man. People actually like him now, he is kind and generous, humble and caring! Slowly he built a relationship with the abandoned daughter, and eventually he took his two daughters on a trip together! The bond of ‘sisters’ is real as the girls are now deep friends!

It is truly a miracle of Grace how a man so full of hate can be transformed to a man of gentle lovingkindness.

Debbie – Boston – 2013

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