I Love How Christ BROKE Me!

Nearing 15 years in ministry I was working on my doctorate degree when God asked me, “Do you love ME?’ I had poured my life into our ministry, serving people and studying at a world-renowned seminary.
I was a bit stunned, and replied, “OF COURSE!”

Then He asked me a simple question that shook my existence! He asked, “Then how much time do you spend praying to me?”

I Broke. I knew in my heart I’d spend maybe a fast 5 minutes at best, just in prayer to HIM. And when I did pray it was usually to ask for help for an upcoming Bible Study I had to prepare to teach, or something for my family’s needs…. My prayer to HIM was not just to spend time with HIM. I was devastated. My eyes were opened. My heart was broken.

HE went on, telling me to, “Yield yourself to ME. Play Hymns, and sing and listen to music.”
20 days later as I listened to the song ‘Send Me’ by MercyMe I was filled with the HOLY SPIRIT. Miraculously I’m able to have compassion like never in my life! I’m able to forgive. God told me, “Zhibai, be gracious to them, don’t set boundaries for my people.”
HE is the God of freedom, and of love and everlasting Hope.

I pray you release your prayer life to our Father and allow HIM to release you too.
Zhibai – Beijing China – Jan 2017

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