God Speaks in the Desert

My husband and I were on vacation in Arizona, a few days out in the desert is strangely refreshing. You can hear God when all the distractions are removed.

I was a bit stunned when I sensed God telling me to quit my retail job, but I knew in my bones that is what He was directing me to do. I really loved the people I worked with, and liked the work, but I obeyed.

Then I found myself in this odd place of, what now? I was lonely as my work was my social life and I was a bit board. Then a neighbor invited me to a Bible study, and I said sure, why not? Not giving it much thought. As the months passed, I fell in love with the Word, and learning about Jesus. I came to Saving Faith as I learned more and more about God’s love for me. His grace captured my heart.

Today, just a few short years after our desert trip, I am blessed to be in a leadership role for that very Bible Study, and I can gladly share, this lost soul is still listening to His gentle guidance.

Mary – Hingham MA – Feb 2017

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