“Stand Firm”

A couple years into building our small business, I hit a big challenge. My only supplier shook their head and said there was nothing more they could do to help with certain production concerns. It was critical to production that this problem be solved or we were done. I left the meeting in disbelief and discouragement.

It didn’t make sense because this business opportunity was a direct answer to prayer when it started. I got home and asked God, “What do you want me to do Lord?” I opened my bible to a random page for an answer. The very first words my eyes landed on were, “Stand firm.” Now we are celebrating our 20th year in business.

That simple encounter changed my faith. I went from loving God all my life to being in love. He met me on such a personal level that I will be forever grateful. I have faith that God has a bigger purpose and plan for everyone and it is amazing to watch it all unfold.

Kathy – Lake Geneva – 1998

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