Children’s Bible Opens Women’s Heart

I was chatting with a woman I had just met at yoga when she asked what I do. Somehow when I tell people, “I collect stories about what God does in people’s’ lives”, it usually takes them aback, and they just say – “Huh”. But my new friend gladly shared, “I have a story!” I was immediately delighted and knew her unabashed joy was bonding us together.

She continued, “When I was just beginning to read the Bible I mentioned to an older friend that I didn’t understand it. She quickly suggested I get a Children’s Bible and start there, she assured me it would really help! Strange as this sounds, later that day I had to go to my mom’s house to help her with some medical issues. As I walked upstairs to her room to I glanced into my brother’s old bedroom and BAM – right there popping out from his dusty bookshelf I spotted his childhood Bible! Of course -I grabbed it, and set it aside to take home.”

Excitedly she told me, “Later that night as I began to read, it was like the lights went on! Praise God, for His willingness to let me begin to know HIM from a place I can understand!”

Oh how I praise God for His ability to meet us right where we are, just so we can start at the beginning with HIM.

Sandy and my new yoga friend – Cohasset MA – May 2017

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  1. Thanks so much Roger for the note, I appreciate your kind words. Hope to have you back again soon.
    And I apologize for the delay on my part, lots of company this past few days.

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