Wretched Man…

He was a wretched man, his life had much ‘baggage’ and he lived a depressed life. In his twenties he had an illegitimate daughter whom he completely abandoned. His own siblings did not want to share life with him, no one wanted to be around him. He married a Christian woman and had another daughter, […]


Mary’s Searching Testimony

Throughout most of my early life I was a pretty consistent at attending Church. My husband and I saw to it that our children were baptized as babies and received the Sacrament of Confirmation as teenagers. Yet, I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus nor recognize God at work in my life. I […]


Joy vs. Happiness

Years ago our good friends’ infant son died and left a gaping hole in their hearts. And as God would have it, within a few months the baby’s grandmother died too. It was loss on loss, yet God gave my friend His Joy, it was incomprehensible. After a few months, my friend asked her husband, […]


Rock Moving God

I needed a huge rock moved, it was so imbedded and large I needed to hire it done. I didn’t want to add to our debt so I kept waiting, needing it moved so I could finish my work on the yard. Then one early Saturday morning I saw the neighbor getting a palette of […]


Learning to TRUST

Unmistakably God sent me to Uganda to research the possibility of opening up an early intervention school for deaf children. Everyone except three people thought I was crazy. I did not go with a big team or an organization. There were just two other women and myself, and we were all flying there from different […]

Medical and Healing

Loss of Trial – Saves Leg

Only God could make the loss of a legal battle turn into a medical blessing. I had a Giant Cell tumor removed from my femur while living in Texas. (It’s a non-malignant tumor that eats the inside of large bones.) A good recovery was expected until the bone fractured 9 weeks after the surgery. I […]


God is a Mover!

To date we have moved 23 times. We know firsthand how God helps in our moves. • One time He gave me a Scripture telling us not to go hard on a contract the morning before we were to go binding. Years later we can see how He saved us from making a poor choice. […]

Quite Time Thoughts....

The Assignment

The collecting of stories started unexpectedly. It was a day of deep peace when suddenly God shocked me into a conversation with Him! I was thinking about a Scripture that for decades had pierced my heart,”You are my witnesses,” declares the LORD, “and my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and […]


Mending Hearts With Broken State Law

Our teen was battling alcohol. One of the therapies was to “Come Clean” and write out all the bad things he had done and confess the lies told. It was a long list but one of the simplest confessions hit my heart abruptly because it was so honest and spoke to my deep hidden failures […]