Mending Hearts With Broken State Law

Our teen was battling alcohol.
One of the therapies was to “Come Clean” and write out all the bad things he had done and confess the lies told. It was a long list but one of the simplest confessions hit my heart abruptly because it was so honest and spoke to my deep hidden failures too.

At the time we lived in a state with a law that would not allow new drivers to have more than one person in the car with them for the first six months of driving. He confessed that during those first months he NEVER only had one person – he always had a car-full of kids hidden in the backseat.

God showed me ‘clean slates’ are good and that even the littlest thing to confess matters! I realized that all of us never have just one of any sin. Somehow in this simple honest confession God caused a breakthrough for this mom. I had a ‘car-full’ of thing to confess too. It was truly the beginning of our reconciliation.

God can mend hearts through a broken State law.
Anonymous – Dallas TX – 2002

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