God is a Mover!

To date we have moved 23 times.
We know firsthand how God helps in our moves.

• One time He gave me a Scripture telling us not to go hard on a contract the morning before we were to go binding. Years later we can see how He saved us from making a poor choice.

• One time HE sent my sister to help me pack the day before the movers were to arrive. Only she had planned her trip months in advance and it “just happened” that we needed her that day! She was like a God sent angle as it was a big move. That very night I “felt” Him put me on His lap and hug me- it was the most calming hug of my life!

• After actively house-hunting for 4-5 months and making multiple offers where we couldn’t come to terms, I finally gave up and decided we’d have to move into a rental. Obviously that was what God wanted for us as the very next day I found a beautiful condo that was dog friendly! Going into this situation we couldn’t see how perfect it was for us. Shortly after we moved in I had major surgery and would not have been able to care for a house while I recovered. God could see my need ahead of what I could see.

• Our next house was a New England antique built in 1726. The house needed major renovations so I began to meet with contractors. Two of the bids were very comparable, and I prayed God would help me choose which contractor to hire. I had a final meeting with each of them on a Friday afternoon, and God let me smell alcohol on the breath of one of the men. For me, it was a clear choice to go with the other! We were blessed with an honest and skilled builder who has become a close friend. God is a carpenter Himself so I like to think He particularly likes to remodel houses!

• We had an offer on a lovely home overlooking a salt marsh. The house was empty as we did the inspection. I was checking out the closet space while the inspector worked and I spotted some house plans pushed to the back of a tall closet shelf. As we rolled the plans out to take a looked it became obvious that the front yard actually belonged to the neighbor and their leeching field was under this homes flowerbeds! Needless to say none of this was disclosed, and we knew God had helped us find the hidden plans to open our eyes what lay under our noses!

• After an inspection on another house I asked the inspector how the crawl space looked. He said, “Oh, They don’t go down there.” Thankfully God raised me in the countryside of southern Wisconsin and I was my Dad’s helper when he built houses. I knew it was important to see the underside of a house. I crawled down under myself to take a look, sheepishly the inspector followed. The sill plates in a large section were bug rotten. We passed on buying the house. (The man didn’t deserve to have an inspector’s license, and yet he came highly recommended.)

• Sight unseen was how God helped us find our current home. It was in a great location so when we saw it on line we knew we were interested. We were out of town so I emailed our realtor and had her put our offer in that night. The house had been in foreclosure for a year or so, and needed work. The offer was accepted. But as soon as that happened the interest in the property crested and two cash offers came in behind our offer. Our offer was not full price cash, so the bank wanted take the higher cash offer. God was opening and shutting doors for about 10 days – and He gave us a realtor who was experienced. As I walked through the house He impressed upon me; ‘We can have this home but we need to share it’. He wanted this house to be a blessing to others too!

Sandy – All across the USA

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