Lost Shipment – Got to Pray

A special glass tabletop was ordered in October. Finally it was shipped in January! Unfortunately the shipper lost the parcel due to a 100 year storm disrupting traffic for several days.

Frustration mounted, and after 4 day of multiple phone calls trying to track the package the situation ended in the shipped admitting it was lost and a claim would need to be filed.

I was angry, as I needed the glass to finish a custom project we were working on. As I was about to let the customer service rep have a chip of my mind, I decided to say to her, ‘Let’s not give up just yet. Let’s say a little prayer!’ She laughed outright. I said, ‘No, really, I believe in Divine Intervention!’ We hung up the phone with her saying I needed to file a claim.

About 4 hours later she called me, AMAZINGLY, they found the package! I said, I thought they would.

How great that God can use a lost package to perhaps plant a seed of hope into a lost customer service woman.

Sandy – Cape Code MA – Feb 2015

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