Sign Language – Unexpected Use!

This year our family decided to learn sign language as a way to better communicate with my brother who has some communication hurdles. As the summer unfolded is has been a joy to have this skill to talk with him in a calmer manner. As summer approached I wanted to go on an overseas mission trip with my youth group, but a personal health issue kept me stateside. I went with our Church to Montana. I have to admit I was secretly disappointed, but I wanted to be of service to God, so I felt blessed to be going.
God is so kind, in that He gave me personal confirmation that the Montana trip was exactly where HE wanted me! I was ecstatic to know I was truly being seen by HIM! You see, on the first day of the Vacation Bible School we had prepared for the kids in that community, a little girl who lived across the street from our VBS– was deaf and communicated only in sign language! It was such a JOY to communicate with her the days she could attend, I pray God used my new language skills as let her ‘hear’ the Good News of the Gospel!
All Praise and Glory to HIM alone.

Julie – Weymouth MA July 2015

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