Football Heart

In his freshman year of high school Caleb was a handsome, well-built young man but did not quite have the bulk needed for football. Nevertheless, being passionate about the game, he tried out for the team and was accepted. Although his actual time on the field was limited, he suited up and was on the practice field each day. For three years he spent a great deal of time on the bench cheering for his fellow teammates. It was heart wrenching for his parents to know how much he loved the game, how much he wished to play, and yet for him to get so little opportunity. Finally, in his senior year he did have more time on the field, got to start in a majority of the games.

Then came the final game of the year at which part of the evening was given to honoring all the senior players. After this ceremony Caleb did get to play. His last call from the coach came toward the end of the game. He joined the huddle, ran for the unimagined pass, caught it, and ran it in for the last touchdown of the game! A winning game.

This is the stuff movies are made of but our Gracious God let it be a reality for this young man who lived out his dedicated perseverance to the very last opportunity! He never gave up or gave in to despair. The cheers that rang in his ears that night will be with him for a life time. He had a passion, he followed his passion, to God be the glory.
Gini – Reading MA June 2015

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