Zip Line Flyer

Our son built a substantial zip line in the hills above San Luis Obispo when he was a Junior at Cal Poly. Stupidly one day he ‘clipped on’ with a keychain carabiner from Seven Eleven … And leapt off the treetop platform they had built.

His friends tell me his fall was easily a 100 foot drop, then he rolled downhill another 25 feet or so and smashed into a tree. It was a miracle that only his tongue was paralyzed on one side. (When he stuck it out it hooked to one side like an alien; he sort of talked like a comic character for a few months too – until it healed!)

I asked him what he was thinking about during the fall. He said it felt like it took a long time, and he kept thinking about what his High School Wrestling Coach had taught him on how to take a fall…”Bend your knees and roll…” It probably saved his life!
That and his Guardian Angels’ strong arms!

The background miracle to this story is that 8 years earlier when we were deciding where we should live, we chose to move to Dallas because we knew there was a Godly man who coached wrestling at the High School, and we wanted our boys under his care. We praise God for his guidance.

Today our son has use of his limbs because he learned from this Godly man how to take a fall.

Sandy – Dallas TX – 2006

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