Odd Little Nurse Prays

The doctor was pressuring the family to ‘pull the plug’ on their elderly Mama as she lay dying. It was a pressure that went against everything the family believed yet she had been near death for several days. They had to make a decision, and that is when an out of state family friend called. He was a skilled physician that had give much counsel over the years, they trusted him. He could tell it wouldn’t be long, and suggested they consider letting it happen in God’s timing and not rush her.

The family gathered in a tiny room, and prayed deeply. They decided to let nature takes its natural course and go against the doctor’s wishes. When my friend went to her mother’s bedside, she told her mama that they were not going to ‘unplug her’. They wanted this to be in God’s timing, not what seemed convenient. She hoped Mama could understand. She talked not expecting a response, yet she asked her to squeeze her hand if she understood. And she did! They were all shocked, and praised God!

Thinking it would be a few days, my friend and her family went home to rest. But as she was turning down her bed the nurse called and said she’d better come back. A few minutes later they got the call that she had died peacefully.

As my friend knelt at her mama’s bedside, saying her last goodbyes. A nurse with an odd little tri corner cap came into the room. She had never seen her before, but the little nurse came and knelt beside her and prayed the richest most heartfelt prayer she had ever heard.

A few minutes later the nurse left, and my friend knew her mama had a sweet escort into eternity.

Ellen – Dallas TX – 2011
Psalm 116:15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.
Psalm 91:11 For He will command his angels concerning you and guard you in all your ways.

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