Quite Time Thoughts....

Worship is Key to Life

3 days of Quiet Time today: 101719

• Worship is Key to Life

My notes:

– Praise unlocks the box we imprison God in (God Calling)

‘Yet to all who receive him, … he gave the right to be children of God.’ John 1:12

John the Baptist baptized with water, that Israel may know Him. (John 1:31)

Jesus baptizes with the Holy Spirit (John 1:33) (both Scriptures paraphrased)

– If I want to know the universal sovereignty of Jesus, I must know him myself – and take time to worship Him (O. Chambers)

– Don’t waste my life on over-energized activities, the key is prayer. (O. C.)

– Prayer doesn’t equip us for greater works, prayer IS the greater work! (O. C.)

My takeaway: Prayer is worship, worship is key to God’s life in us…

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