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Prayer Unsticks us From Earth

Today’s QT takeaway: 102919

• Prayer Unsticks us From Earth

My notes:

– God customizes our thorns…he is more interested in our character than our comfort  (Church Devo. Ouch! seems harsh to me too…)

– God has boundless compassion in not sparing His Son (Valley of Vision)

– In prayer I enter the eternal world (Valley of Vision)

– Bow to the KING and rise to see the glory and joy and wonder of your surprise! (God Calling)

– I am not made right by something I do (repent or obedience), I’m made right by what Jesus did! (O. Chambers)

…’God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit’… . Rom. 5:5

‘It is finished.’ John 19:30

The takeaway: God’s gift of LIFE Through HIS LOVE – dissolves what glues is to earth. Prayer unsticks us.

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