‘Lost Boy’ Connects to New Friend   



I had just endured a few weeks of great trauma and that included a maze of 4 specialized hospitals. Still, I needed another unusual medical procedure.  As things digressed, my doctors wanted to transfer me to yet another hospital that had the specialized equipment they would need to use, but I and my husband felt compelled to go back to one of the hospitals we had been at earlier that month.  After some consultations we were allowed to go back to the hospital of our choice.

On the way into the procedure, I struck up a conversation with the orderly, and asked his name – he seemed like such a nice fellow.  He told me his name with a grin and added that he was from South Sudan.  I shared that I had been to his country twice, and his smile widened!  Then I mentioned I had a good friend who had helped the ‘Lost Boys’ and told him her name.  He just about boomed with laughter, saying, ‘I know her!’ She had helped him years before, as he was one of the ‘Lost Boys!’

What an incredible God we serve! My needing a specialized procedure was such a remarkable blessing to this man who was feeling completely invisible in his new country.  It made my day too and made me realize why my husband and I felt so compelled to go back to this particular hospital – God had someone He wanted me to meet!

Susan – Dallas TX – June 2018


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  1. Reliving this over again and got tears in my eyes & a smile on my face. I needed this today as a reminder that God uses ALL things to work together for good for those who love Him & are called according to His purposes.

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