Quite Time Thoughts....

Early Morning Worship     


I woke up early this morning, and the birds were singing their hearts out…I heard it as worship, and  I opened my devotionals to discover this message – coming simultaneously from many of them…..


In God’s calmness, he offers us his friendship as we worship him. He offers us his timetable. He offers us his purpose for our lives, he offers us his healing, his joy, his Lordship.


In addition to all of this – he chooses me to be his bride! To be one with him, joining himself with me – with my heart and spirit. He gives himself to me each morning as the birds sing, and each moment of each day. He accepts me as I am, and he makes me his bride.  THAT IS INCONCEIVABLE TO ME! Yet that is our God! He wants me close.


He wants us close – so close he comes into us!

Hallelujah- Praise God for His outrageous love!



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