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Hold God’s Hand as you Climb the Ladder …

Our one-minute takeaway: 101019

• Hold God’s hand as you climb the ladder …

My Notes:

‘How priceless is your unfailing love. Both high and low find refuge in the shadow of your wings.’ Psalm 36:07

– If I am not full of Jesus, I am empty (Valley of Vision paraphrased)

– Know I am leading you – serve where I ask (God Calling)

– ‘The rung of the ladder was never meant to rest upon, but to take you higher. (T. Huxley paraphrased)

– Obedience cleanses my spirit – mends us – fills us… (O. Chambers)

– In our blindness … hold our hand. (From a Jewish prayer)

– Don’t divide my life into ‘God things and my things…’ (Jesus Calling)

Today’s Takeaway:

•God holds our hand on the Ladder of obedience.

•Obedience leads to God’s refuge – Our heart’s home.

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