Quite Time Thoughts....

Listen to our Source

Our 1 Minute Takeaway: 100819

• Listen to God – our Source of Life Eternal

My Notes:

– Lord, please help me not to seek joy in things that perish (Valley of Vision paraphrased)

– Uproot whatever is tripping your way to listen and obey (O. Chambers paraphrased)

– Avinu Malkeinu – Source of our lives – Motherly, Holy, Gentle, Guiding, Nurturing, Compassionate, God is present always… (From a Jewish prayer book) (I don’t understand all this Name of God holds…I think this is only a glimpse)

‘Not by might not by power but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty. Zechariah 3:13

‘Wake up, strengthen what remains and is about to die … (obey and repent).’ Revelations 3:2 -3

My takeaway: Turn back to our source … before it’s too late

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