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God’s Love Removes Self-rejection.

Our 1 QT Takeaway: 061820

• Accepting God’s love removes our self-rejection.

My notes:

‘Though you have made me see troubles…you will restore my life again. Psalm 71:20

– Living in fear of rejection ultimately causes that very rejection you wanted to avoid. (Church Devotional)

– You teach people how to value you by how much you value yourself. (Church)

– You already have God’s full acceptance. (Church Devotional)

‘You are precious and honored in my sight…I love you.’ Isa. 43:4 (cut a bit)

– When you are full of yourself, God cannot fill you. (Max Lucado)

– We are tempted to walk around obstacles to evade them. (Streams in the Desert)

‘Come to me…and I will give you rest.’ Mat 11:28 cut up

My takeaway:

• Facing the truth that God loves you will change the way you love yourself. Accepting God’s love removes our self-rejection.

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