Our Idols Rob our Peace

Our 1 QT takeaway: 061720

• The clamor of our idols robs us of peace.

My notes to distill:

– Rest in Me before I get crowded out and your troubles take over. (God Calling)

‘Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise’. Psalm 100:4

‘The idols of the nations are gold and silver and the work of men’s hands.’ … (they have no life in them) … ‘those who make them are like them.’ Psalm 135:15 & 18 cut up

– Lower the fluttering wings of our spirit and listen as we pray. Dear soul be still. (Streams in the Desert from Ezekiel 1:25)

My takeaway:

• Be still my soul, so I can hear God over my noisy idols.

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