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Fake Believe Doesn’t Save

Today’s 1-minute takeaway: 110619

• Fake Believe Doesn’t Save

My notes:

– I marvel at my insensate folly, that when I am slow to take God’s enriching favors…I backslide (Valley of Vision)

– Thy recording hand always writes (Valley of Vision)

– Only personal problems reveal true belief (O. Chambers)

– To believe is to commit.(O. Chambers)

‘He who believes in me will live even though he dies; …’ John 11:25

– Jesus asks, “Do you believe this?” John 11:26

‘What use is God’s guidance if I’m not willing to follow it?’ (Thomas Kelly, born 1888)

My takeaway: God knows if I believe Him or deceive myself; fake belief doesn’t save. Commit, and face God in peace.


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