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Prayer Tees Up Eternity

Today’s 1-minute takeaway: 110619

• Prayer Tees Up Eternity

My notes:

– Impress on my mind the shortness of time, the nearness of eternity (Valley of Vision)

– My job is to be a pipe, and not block the flow of living water through me (God Calling)

– My job is to pray for others bringing them before the throne of God, giving the Holy Spirit the opportunity to intercede for them… (O. Chambers)

(Wow- what if my life’s purpose is simply to ‘tee up’ others so the Spirit can pray for them…)

– Life key: not grasping and controlling, but releasing and receiving (Jesus Calling)

‘…My ways (are) higher than your ways, My thoughts than your thoughts.’ Isa. 55:19

‘…but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express,…because the Spirit interceded for the saints in accordance with God’s will.’ Rom. 8:26-27

My takeaway: Unblocked prayer tees up Holy Spirit interceding for us -before we hit eternity…

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