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Sin Lifts When Lifted to God

Our 1 Minute Takeaway: 081419

• Sins lift when lifted to God – not when dropped on others

My Notes:

– My trials have been fewer than my sins (Valley of Vision pg. 193)

– We are not being punished for past (forgiven) sins (God Calling)

– Do I recognize His absolute sovereign control?

– We do not have to sin (it’s a choice). Obey His Life in us. (O. Chambers)

– Insecurity belittles others (Church Devo.)

– Adversity is not punishment but a chance to come to God for help.

(Jesus Calling)

‘Oh people; pour out your hearts to him.’ Psalm 62:8

My takeaway:

My sin doesn’t vanish if I choose to point out other people’s faults…neither do my problems vanish when I tell others- they are only lifted when I lift them to God.

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