Scripture Cards at Coffee Shop 

I was looking for a small side table so went into Jordan’s Furniture with the hopes of quickly finding one in the sale area.  I didn’t have any luck but as I was leaving I caught eyes with the woman behind the coffee shop counter, smiled and walked out the door.  On my way to the car I kept thinking, I should go back and give her some of the Scripture Cards that I make and give away when we’re traveling.  I didn’t go back in, as I had lots of errands to run and thought I was being crazy.

After my shopping at IKEA, I was once again driving past Jordan’s and felt sort of pulled to go give that lady in the coffee shop some of the Scriptures, so I drove in, parked and went back in to meet her.  But, I still hesitated – I dodged the moment and escaped to the restroom. Finally, I went over to the coffee shop counter and decided to order a water… I didn’t really want any coffee and I was still stalling.  As she made my change, I offered her the Scripture cards and shared that they give me lots of hope and encouragement and I’d like to share them with her. She looked at me sort of unconnected but took them.  Immediately, the man standing next to me, whom I honestly hadn’t even seen, spoke up in a strong voice, ‘Do you have some more? I could use some encouragement!’   I immediately handed him the last set that I had with me!  And we chatted a fleeting moment before he asked the coffee lady for directions to an open house and we parted ways.

Oh, God is so amazingly good to lead us, and to let us, share HIS love!  I’m still tingling just knowing I got to be part of His plan yesterday – even if I felt a bit awkward.  May He bless the man who asked for His encouragement!

Sandy – Stoughton MA – Oct. 3, 2017

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