Prayer Erases Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma


Life was busy, Kids had lots of activities. One day, as my son was heading out the door to school he said, ‘Hey Mom, look at this.’  As a registered nurse I was sickened when he showed me the large lumps on the side of his neck.  They didn’t hurt, so he had ignored them till that day.  We were at his pediatrician’s office by the end of the school that afternoon. A few days later all the diagnostic test, exams and a referral to Dana Farber were in place to rule out Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, as all tests were indicating this was the problem. Right before we were seen at Dana Farber, the lumps (neck and groin), enlarged liver, abnormal tests results and loss of appetite fully resolved  – all at the same time.

You see, immediately upon our first doctors appointment, a prayer request went out to everyone we knew.  They in turn shared the request with all the folks they knew, and it seemed to pass forward across the country. The weeks crawled on. We were in the medical system now, our lives revolved around our son’s health – and we prayed. Everyone Prayed.

God healed our son completely.   Our doctor said, ‘What do you think caused the lumps to disappear?’  I was, and am, certain it was the collective, unceasing prayer.  God blessed our family with a miracle.

Praise God, there have been no long-term effects, this was 20 years ago.  We Praise God, all the Glory goes to HIM.

Dot – Fall River MA – 1997

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