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Pray – Listen – Act

Today’s takeaway: 051519

• Pray – Listen – Act

Today’s Notes:

– It’s spiritual things first then material

– I did nothing to achieve Salvation but I must do something to exhibit it

– Rise to the occasion to show my faith. Prove it

– KEY point: We are here to submit to his will and to nourish others

– Time alone with God is not a luxury- it’s essential

– Abe’s Faith was made complete by what he did…James 2:23 paraphrased

– ‘…a person is justified by what he does and not by faith alone.’ James 2:24

– Faith can’t be just lip service- it must employ hand, heart, head & feet — I must live it out

– Nourish, protect and companionship: How we live out faith!

“For when I was hungry…thirsty…a stranger…needed clothes…sick…a prisoner, you looked    after me.” (Matthew 25:35-36 highly paraphrased)

– God doesn’t run out of Grace

• Don’t Just ‘think about’ others PRAY for them… than do what your prayer heart says

• Pray – Listen- Act

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