Quite Time Thoughts....

Our Expectations Distract Us

Our 1 QT takeaway: 062320

• Our expectations of control distract us from God

My notes:

‘Indeed’, … ‘He will surely come out to me, wave his hand over the place and heal the leprosy.’ 2 Kings 5:12

– BUT Elisha didn’t do what Naaman had expected and Naaman became furious because his expectations were not met. (How often do we do this?)

– Once Peter stepped out of the boat, the waves were none of his business. (Streams in the Desert)

– Pay attention to your reaction to distractions. (Bob Goff)

– We bring judgement upon ourselves thinking our sins are small, or that God’s not angry with them. (Valley of Vision)

My 1 takeaway from all this:

• Our expectations cause us to react like we are in control – we are not, God is. (I think this the very nature of sin at its root)

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