Flight Changed- Life Spared

My husband had been commuting from Detroit to Phoenix for nearly 6 months. He would fly out Sunday evening and come home Friday late in the day. One Sunday afternoon he surprised us by announcing he’d just changed his flight so he could fly out Monday morning early! You can only imagine how excited our 3 toddlers were knowing they had another evening of Daddy putting them to bed as his bedtime game was often a good old fashioned pillow fight! (My bedtime routine never included a pillow fight!)

As they were snuggling into their pajamas, our phone started ringing off the wall. Our family and friends knew that he was typically on a Sunday night flight; the horror of the moment was that that flight had crashed and all but one little girl perished. We were numb.

We don’t know why God kept my husband off the flight, but we are eternally grateful that he spared him!

In all the years that followed, when my husband would work very long days- I could still feel the stunning blessing that God gave us that night many years ago, he was alive to come home – We are so blessed.

Sandy – Detroit – 1987

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