Family Ties Honored

My step father has early stages of dementia, and my mom has arthritis so we were making plans to renovate our home to accommodate a move for them to come live with us. We worked on the plans for 2 years and were about to begin remodeling our Boston home when my mom came up for a visit in May. The weather was cold and rainy while she was here and I was awakened to how debilitating her arthritis was in the cold weather. My husband and I had prayerful conversations and decided we couldn’t move them to a cold climate, we had to put their needs above our own convenience. We felt a deep conviction that it was our time to care for them.

As in all families, there are a lot of moving parts and people to take into consideration. We have a daughter who was going into 8th grade, if we were to make this move we needed to do it immediately so she’d have a year to make friends before she hit the transformative years of High School. So, in late June we decided to move to Georgia!

God had His hand on the entire move, it was incredible to be part of His blessing:

1st My husband had a friend who was a realtor in the area we had decided to move to so we found a home quickly that would accomplish all of our needs of putting both families under one roof! That alone was a miracle as it had taken us 2 years to even come up with a plan to make that happen for the house we were selling in Boston.
In our new home the whole lower level will become an independent home. It’s beautiful. Mom is close, yet can have her own space. It is a remarkable improvement to what we had planned if we stayed in Boston.

2nd We sold our Boston house quickly and made a move to GA in time for our daughter to start school with her new class on August 8th!

3rd Our twin boys have a crazy passionate love for their Grandmother and are so happy to have her be living under the same roof. They have adopted her puppy dog as their own – which is an add joy to our home!

4th Our extended family is following us to warmer weather and as my brother in law and a cousin have already moved to GA! We are a close-knit family and God is honoring our desire to stay connected to our extended family!

As I write this, Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and we are blessed to be resettled with plans of hosting our first extended family gathering in our new home! God has honored our love of family and we trust Him to move more and more of our siblings and cousins to be with us in Georgia!

Angela- North of Atlanta – November 2016

A special note: this Story was shared while waiting for a flight to take off BOS- DCA. Shortly before take-off Angelia was ‘bumped’ and had to take a later flight. God blessed me to sit next to her for this short 20 minutes or so, … I believe He wanted to bless all of us with her treasured family love and devotion!
May you be blessed by it!

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