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Compassion – Pride and a Pig

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If there was an imaginary line down the center of the room, one section was primary, and the other section was secondary, you would find me in the secondary section.  The idea of being in the secondary section is not necessarily the worst possible placement but it can become frustrating at times. 

Every day is an opportunity for us to learn something new, unexpected or intriguing about ourselves, keeping in mind, it is all about our perspective.   Today, I sit behind my desk waiting for my ‘scheduled’ appointment with management to review my project submittal.  Although not always, but often enough, my scheduled appointments are missed.  At this point, I began to accept my missed appointments as a regular occurrence. This positioning has certainly increased my patience, flexibility and humility, all of which I know God supports.  As I try not to take these missed appointments personal, at the same time I would like to understand the reasoning behind the experience.  Within every experience in my life, my ultimate goal is to pass God’s test, rather than man’s test.  Here, I am find myself sitting in an imperfect world driven by the desire for perfection.  Now, I know there is no such thing as perfection yet and still upon management’s review, I must check and recheck again all to the satisfaction of my reviewer.  I am not minimizing the importance of doing your best work or making your best effort.  Seriously, there has to be a limit, right?  I realize the required rework is a result of ‘being right’ I have observed the flawed character trait of perfection is ‘pride’ and insecurity.  I have struggled with pride and insecurity myself but through spiritual guidance and self-reflection, I have experienced great improvement.  Thank God!

In an attempt to understand this life lesson, I asked God, why is this happening to me?  This is when the importance of knowing God becomes the most important part of the experience.  The Spirit of God spoke to me and told me when one is prideful and is made to offer an apology for a cancellation, an oversite, or a mistake, please know when they return to you to do so ‘I AM in control!  Humility is demonstrated when one offers an apology and know that humility at your expense allows my power to be shown through you.  Remember as children of God; we become a living sacrifice.  That night I lay in bed and had a dream.  In the dream, I saw a pig aimlessly wondering the road. I was afraid the pig would get hurt in the middle of the road, so I coaxed it from the road and I tied it up. 

This dream reminded me of the importance of having compassion in every situation.  We may not understand the reasoning behind the daily challenges we face, but we are to be mindful there is a lesson in each experience.   I realize the compassion shown in my dream is the same compassion I need to show in every situation.  We are all on a journey and if we cannot have compassion for the lost, misguided, misunderstood how can we represent God who has compassion at all time?  In retrospect, the idea of waiting for my review proved beneficial as it allowed me to see God working in yet another situation as he replaced pride with humility.

Karen –  October 2019

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