Quite Time Thoughts....

Who or What, is Holding the top of My Ladder?

Our 1 Minute Takeaway:

• Who or what, is holding the top of my ladder?

My notes:

– I’ve been hasty and short in private prayer…

– My first sin of the day leads into others …

– It is just that you should withdraw thy presence from one who’s waited so carelessly on thee… (from Valley of Vision pg.165-165)

‘…you are not your own…you were bought at a price…’ 1 Cor. 6:19-20

– Quit praying just for yourself and pray for others to know Christ’s love- that’s our life’s work. (Oswald Chambers)

– If God calls you to climb up, He will hold the top of your ladder. (God Calling)

– Businesses is not necessarily productivity. (Church Devo.)

My Takeaway: Is my ladder lying flat on the ground or leading me to God?

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