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We Live Blindfolded … Take God’s Hand

Our one-minute takeaway: 100619

• We Live Blindfolded … Take God’s Hand

My notes:

– Lord, help me to ask rightly for my friends- that they may hold Your hand in trust as a child… (my takeaway from God Calling)

– Christ can come into me only when I’m aware of my need for Him (O. Chambers) (I can’t save myself)

– Help us not to live with a half-forgotten faith.

Eternal God remove our deafness that we may hear you, blindness that obscures your glory, stubbornness that resists you, selfishness that makes us small. Help us to rise above what we have been. (Paraphrased from Jewish prayer for Yom Kippur)

– Some of our richest blessings are just around the bend… (Jesus calling)

‘We live by Faith, not by sight.’ 2 Cor. 5:7

The takeaway: Just follow – take God’s offered hand and Trust He knows the way to get home.

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