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We Can’t Hide in Time

Today’s 1 Minute Takeaway: 062119

• We Can’t Hide in Time

My notes:

— Grant me never lose sight of the exceeding sinfulness of sin or the exceeding righteousness of salvation.

— Be real before Him, the secret me is the real me

— How long will I stay selfish?

— Only the inner life matters

— Time can be a tyrant, but God is timelessness

— Often the problems around you aren’t nearly as crucial as the people around you

— People will absolutely forget you, but God never will

— Meet with God with an unveiled face, like Moses. (Exo. 33:7-11)

But when we turn to the Lord, the veil is removed.’ 2 Cor. 3:16

End Note:

• We can’t hide anything – God sees through our time and life

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