Water Angel Saves 7 Year Old

Mom took the kids to the lake to enjoy a quiet summer day in upstate New York. The park was nearly deserted, with just a few families scattering the beach. Kindly the swimming area was sectioned off with buoys chains that delineated where it was safe to swim and Carl was playing around in this area. As an energetic 7 ½ year old he was bobbing up and down! Bobbing up and down touching the sandy bottom of the lake, popping up to grab onto the buoy line. With each bob he went a little deeper, always catching the buoy line at the top. It was fun! Playing a delightful little rocket as he shot to the top.

Then panic took hold when there was nothing to grab onto. He had lost the buoy line and he was over his head! Heart pounding he realized he really couldn’t swim. Terrified he went under again, and again, not getting a breath but gulping water. Sinking – he couldn’t get to the top.

That’s when a ‘Big Kid’ came up underneath him, put him on his shoulders and popped him to the surface to. The ‘guy’ came from out of nowhere, and carried him on his shoulders to shore!

Watching this unfold, Mom was stunned as she realized what just happened and how this ‘Boy’ had just saved her son’s life! She kept crying and wanting to do something for him! She kept offering an ice cream cone wanting to do something kind for him, so thankful for his saving shoulders!

Our Savior has strong shoulders too, helping us when we loose our grip.

Carl – Rochester NY – about 1964

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