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Trust God or Fear Will Rob You

Today’s 1 Minute Takeaway: 053019

• Trust God or Fear Will Rob You

Today’s notes:

– Don’t Let my past rob my future

– If I’m solely self-focused – I won’t be missed or remembered

– Carry only what you need today, don’t carry yesterday’s worn out shoes

– A man on the summit doesn’t focus on the stones and stumbling on the way up…

– If a person is ever going to do something worthwhile, there will be times he must risk everything by his leap in the dark. (O. Chambers)

– We act like pagans in a crisis!

– God hand tailors and gives me just what I need …

– Fear is the grim figure that turns aside success

– Share with God as a child shares with its mother – the pains and cuts, the joys and treasures

– The joyful heart is the best weapon against evil

• Fearlessly trust God today – live as His child, not his commander… stay off His Throne

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