Table Find on Ebay

My friend was setting up a new condo in Florida for her family. As she and the designer walked in, it was stark empty, and they had a fast approaching deadline to completely finish it out and furnish it. They made a great team, and the designer was able to source many of the furnishings from consignment stores. On one occasion they spotted a table that was absolutely perfect, only it was sold.

My friend looked and looked at other tables but in her mind she kept thinking of that one ‘sold’ table. The designer had tried to locate it too, but it was a discontinued table so she had to give up on it. My friend decided to try one last time, and went to eBay. She typed in ‘Glass topped Table’ and low and behold it was the very fist one that came up! The cost was a fraction of the one they had seen in the consignment shop months earlier and it was in excellent condition. She hit ‘buy’ the instant she saw it.

God is so delighted to help his girls with every detail of life, even the whimsical finding of a pretty glass top table. May all their meals be blessed.

Bernadette – South Shore Boston – Nov. 2014

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